We believe that building a quality hospitality, food or beverage brand is like making a really good tortilla de patatas.

Illustrations by Silvia Tack

1. Strategy

There are many ways to cook a tortilla, we need to find the ingredients that fits best with who you are. We'll help to define your recipe: the core concepts, values and personality of your brand.

We’ll bring that concept to life with creative copywriting, to verbally define your brand and find the memorable story that we want to tell.


– Competitor audit
– Brand audit
– Brand architecture
– Brand values
– Brand positioning
– Brand concept
– Naming


2. Identity

So we’ve got our great ingredients and chosen the recipe to follow. Now is where the magic happens. We’ll go away and cook up ideas that surprise, delight & inspire.

We’ll put all of our love, care and attention into every detail and design concepts that bring your identity to life.


– Logo
– Typography
– Colour
– Art direction
– Illustration
– Verbal identity
– Brand guidelines


3. Design

Now it's time to cook the tortilla just right. Let's lay the table, plate up the tortilla and serve it to our guests. 

We can support you with the final delivery of everything from signage to social media, menus to murals, business cards to keycards. We’ll make sure that your guests experience the branding as intended.


– Menus
– Business Cards
– Environmental Graphics
– Social media templates
– Signage & Wayfinding
– Take-away Packaging
– ...and more


4. Digital

More often than not, your brand experience starts online. We need to serve your tortilla brand to guests in the just the right way to encourage them to book, share and get excited about your hospitality.


– Website design
– Website development
– Email templates
– Animation / Motion


5. An ongoing relationship

Hopefully everyone enjoys the tortilla enough to come back for a second round, or try a different flavour tortilla.

We love to partner with our clients beyond the initial project and offer ongoing support for all branding & design needs.


– Brand guardianship
– Ongoing partnerships


We've cooked up brands with some really delicious businesses


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