In short:

Dennis is a branding & design studio. We’re really good at figuring out what makes you different and giving you the tools to set your brand apart.


Every business, service or product has a story to tell. Getting to the heart of that story is what we’re best at. Then with bucket loads of imagination (and an eye for detail) we help bring that story to life, find its voice and talk to your audience in a memorable way.


We partner with our clients from strategy to identity to design, whether that be creating a new brand from scratch or rebranding an old one for growth.


Brand audit & benchmark
Brand architecture
Brand personality
Brand concept / story
Tone of voice


Art direction
Brand guidelines


Social media

Who is Dennis?

The Dennis team is made up of a team of talented creatives that can help realise any creative vision regardless of size or budget. We are an intentionally small studio, choosing to work collaboratively and directly with our clients.

The team is led by Josh Nathanson, a creative director with over 14 years of experience in branding & design.

Core Team
Josh Nathanson, Creative Director
Osvaldo Miranda, Project Manager
Marina Coll, Designer
Ainara Martí, Intern

Regular Collaborators
Allie Heesh, Designer
Carla Ibañez Barquet, Strategist
Ariadna Vilalta, Designer
Félix Ruiz Rosado, Designer
Alfie Hayward, Copywriter
Ester Pino, Copywriter
William Hope, Web Developer
Rachelle Leerling, Business Development

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Ok, but seriously, who is Dennis?

Dennis isn't just a fancy name for a branding & design studio. Dennis is named in honour of Josh's grandad, who lived to the grand old age of 101.

Just like the real Dennis, the studio version enjoys a drink after work, sitting in the sun and occasionally taking a few risks (see photo). Most importantly, Dennis approaches life with an optimistic outlook and a fine sense of humour.


I need more answers.

Where is Dennis?
Although we're based between London & Barcelona, we're lucky enough to work with clients all over the world. Podemos trabajar en inglés o castellano, como prefiráis.

How much is it to work with Dennis?
We work with a broad range of budgets. We're not cheap and we're not expensive. We like to think that we sit somewhere in the middle, which allows us to deliver great work while being competitively priced.

But I just want a logo?
Branding is so much more than just a logo. A logo alone won't help your business grow, it's what people identify with that logo that is your brand. If you'd like to discuss this more, please get in touch.

How long do projects take?
We believe that good design takes time, so if you've got a project in mind then please get in touch as soon as possible! Depending what's needed for strategy, branding and website, it can take anywhere from one to six months or even a year for the very biggest projects.

I want to work with Dennis, what next?!
Fantastic! Drop us an email at with some information about who you are, what you project is for and what you're looking for (or call us on +34 684 272 840). Then we can put together a proposal for working together that covers the process, the timeline and the budget.