A start-up on a mission to get rid of single use plastics once and for all, starting in the home.

Branding / Illustration / Website

The story behind Homethings

Homethings started with the idea to turn cluttered cupboards and bathroom sinks into conscious spaces, free from single-use plastic, and then get people thinking about how they consume in the rest of their lives. They say that charity starts at home, and real change starts there too.

Their first product is a range of three cleaners – multipurpose, bathroom, glass & mirror – using a non-toxic, tabletised concentrate which consumers can then drop in a lifelong bottle filled with water, and spray.


The creative concept positions Homethings as a brand that actually makes sense in a world that, whichever way you spin it, does not. It’s a product that helps people do their bit, while still explaining that at higher levels more needs to be done. It’s a tone that’s critical of insane consumerism – using smart comparisons to make those points – yet reassuring to individual consumers. Visually it's super simple, and embraces the beauty in that!

What the client had to say

"Working with Dennis was great. They really bought into our vision for the brand and the business and showed that through genuine enthusiasm and excitement to bring it to life through design. They quickly became part of our extended team helping us to conceptualise our vision and constructively challenging us when necessary. We were delighted with the outcome and would definitely recommend Dennis to anyone in a similar position"

– Tim Keaveney, Co-Founder of Homethings


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