A company on a mission to disrupt the industry. By packaging wine in a can, they reach new audiences who can enjoy a sip of freedom on-the-go.

Food & Drink
Branding / Strategy / Packaging / Illustration

The story behind Zeena

Helping people to choose freely is the purpose that, together with brandbuch, we put at the heart of the visual identity. In order to choose freely, you need to understand easily. For this reason we created Zeena with a self-explanatory, matter-of-fact tone and a minimalist look & feel.


The verbal branding of Zeena is as important as the visual. The design itself is calming and restrained, which allowed us to have fun with a brutally straight talking tone-of-voice that provides a striking contrast while backing up the disruptor attitude of the brand.

Thank you

This project was created in collaboration with brandbuch. Product photography by Marta Castillo Sampedro and animation by Eva Sánchez Clemente.


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