Les Filles Cafè

A healthy eating restaurant with a menu full of locally sourced ingredients, served in a hidden garden oasis in the heart of Barcelona.

Strategy / Branding / Illustration / Signage / Website


Photo: Eric Vokel

The story behind Les Filles

Les Filles is all about simplicity and honesty. Not only when it comes to the food on offer, but also in materials, design and tone-of-voice. This vision of healthy food positions it not as a trend but as something core to the restaurant's Mediterranean DNA.

A decision was taken from the very start that Les Filles doesn't need to scream healthy. There is no need to greenwash. People should come because the food is delicious, with health and well-being simply being an added benefit that underpins the experience.


We commissioned Kelly Knaga to create abstract illustrations for the menus that represent a mixture of nature & well-being. The colour and playfulness supports the vision of providing a space in the city to rest & relax, while also complementing the interior design & ambience.


Les Filles is located on Carrer de Minerva in Barcelona. Minvera is the Roman goddess of wisdom, and she is often depicted with her sacred mascot, an owl. So it was only appropriate to place the Owl of Minerva into Les Filles to watch over and take care of the guests.


Photo by Marta Guillén, courtesy of Fantastic Mr Nilsson


The space is designed to be an oasis in the heart of the city. Where well-being goes beyond the menu. We established a perspective where sometimes the healthiest thing to do is to stop, breathe and slow down. Les Filles is the place in Barcelona to do just that.


Digital applications were designed and built to be simple and easy to use. Our thinking was that well-being can translate online by not overloading people with messages.

We also wanted to use our social media feed as a platform not just to tell people about the next tasty thing on the menu, but also to highlight and promote the local producers and suppliers who contribute to the project.



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