8 Holland Street

A gallery & shop in West London and Bath that specialises in curated fine art, furniture, ceramics and objects.

Arts & Culture
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The story behind 8 Holland Street

The identity is intended to take a back-seat role, simply used to endorse the curated products as a 'mark of quality'. Simplicity was also required in order to help tie together a wide-range of products & styles from across the globe.


The 8 Holland Street gallery space is an eclectic mix of art, furniture & objects.



Chandigarh CaféA homage to mid-century modernism

Jenna BurlinghamA uniquely curated British gallery

UCO BakerySourdough bread, and nothing more

GMI StudiosPutting possibilities in motion

Les Filles CafèA well-being cafe in the heart of Barcelona

BdeGustA beer that’s committed to kindness

HomethingsCleaning products that make sense

LLOPA fun loving all-day restaurant

ZeenaA disruptive wine in a can

ROJOA Japanese Izakaya tavern lands in Barcelona

TragaluzA Barcelona icon

Reflex HealthRedefining physiotherapy

Loup & FillesFrom leaf to lip

DISTRICTThis is your city