Jenna Burlingham Gallery

A gallery specialising in Modern British & Contemporary art, whose uniqueness lies in their ability to curate.

Arts & Culture
Strategy / Branding / Signage / Website

The story behind Jenna Burlingham

To coincide with their relocation to an 18th-century house, Jenna Burlingham Gallery required a re-brand to support their growing reputation as discerning curators of Modern British art. 

We worked with their team to re-position all of the gallery's communications, beginning with a strategy process that led to clarifying their uniqueness as curators and ending with a serious, striking & timeless solution for their refreshed identity.


The new identity system puts emphasis on Jenna Burlingham as the curator of the art, a key reason why clients return to the gallery. By splitting the title top and bottom of all layouts, the identity literally curates what falls within the frame. The 'Gallery' desciptor may be swapped out for alternative titles when the application calls for it.

Sainte Colombe, a modern serif typeface based on a British classic, is used primarily at large sizes, helping communications to feel light and approachable with subtle elegance.


The corporate colour palette is inspired by the interior colours that are more fresh and modern than the typical 'neutral' colours associated with traditional art galleries.


Yearly catalogues consist of a full collection of works, produced with a durable hardback cover. Smaller paperback catalogues are created for individual artist exhibitions, taking on one vivid accent colour picked out from the artists' work.


The secondary colour palette selected for artist exhibitions extends across applications.


A supporting 'JB' monogram acts as a stamp of quality when embossed onto the back of an envelope or as a signature detail in the footer of stationery.


Thank you

Jenna, Nathan and the whole team. Designed with Allie Heesh.


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