Chandigarh Café

Chandigarh Café pays homage to the modernist heydays of the 1950s. A time of prosperity, indulgence and optimism for the future.

Strategy  / Branding / Custom Lettering / Print

The story behind Chandigarh Café

Chandigarh Café is named after the city in the north of India where the famous architect Le Corbusier freely experimented with urban design ideas. A city like no other was created, with wide spaces where people could live in joy, simplicity and harmony.

This was the inspiration to create a restaurant that puts faith in the future, offering a space for all to enjoy, to relax and to feel inspired – away from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona. It is fittingly situated in a modernist house that was constructed during the same years as Chandigarh.


At the heart of the identity is a custom logo, designed to reflect the blocky concrete architecture of the city. Within some of the letterforms are quirky details that are a nod to some of the weird, wonderful (and surprisingly organic) details that can be found in Le Corbusier's building.

A bright and cheerful colour palette was chosen to match the interiors while giving guests a feeling of positivity & joy.


Chandigarh's modernist masterplan, designed by Le Corbusier in the 1950s was the inspiration for the identity.



Photography by Alba Gine
Signage by 27Lletres


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