The name Faramond comes from an old German word meaning 'protector of journeys', which neatly sums up the mission of this travel accessory shop: to improve the experience of travel.

Naming / Branding / Identity / Print

The story behind Faramond

Faramond offers a curated selection of products from the world's best travel accessory brands such as Samsonite, Carl Friedrik and Porsche Design. We were approached to build the brand from scratch: naming, strategy, storytelling, visual identity and printed pieces.

The thread that runs through the branding is that the people behind the brand care deeply about the experience of travel. They care that the accessories you take with you don't break and cause unnecessary stress. The name Faramond, meaning protector of journeys, acts as the foundation for everything else to come.


The logo for Faramond is a visual metaphor that combines a lighthouse, to represent travel, within a shield, to represent protection. The beacons of light that are emitted from the lighthouse is a key graphic element to the visual identity, applied in different ways across the various applications.


The interiors, designed by Mussa, are inspired by old train stations. The store already had arches throughout the space, and Mussa played with this by adding additional blue arches to the visual displays. Exposed brickwork was left to add a rustic feel, and a special VIP sofa was designed to mimic an old luxury suitcase.


The verbal identity for Faramond was developed to talk to the lifestyle and aspirational element of travel, talking directly to consumers who would be experiencing the world with these products.



Creative Direction: Josh Nathanson
Strategy & Naming: Will Works
Design: Marina Coll
PM: Osvaldo Miranda

Photography: Alba Giné

Interiors: Mussa Design


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