GMI Studios

A creative technology company putting possibilities in motion in the world of Web 3 & NFTs.

Strategy / Branding / Animation

The story behind GMI Studios

GMI Studios are the creators of popular NFT projects, such as Deadheads, where up to 10,000 generative artworks are created. We decided to apply that same approach to the branding, creating a generative identity where there isn't one single logomark, but rather thousands – all constantly in motion.

Inspired by the Paulo Coehlo quote: "It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting", we defined their brand essence of putting possibilities in motion. We also renamed them to GMI Studios from GMI Labs, to help position them as a creative production house rather than a technology laboratory.


Beyond the logo, we wanted to use the identity to highlight how GMI Studios are constantly coming up with new ideas for projects, both big and small. There are so many weird and wonderful things going on there, it seemed a shame not to put them at the forefront!

Offbeat copywriting, cut out imagery and a friendly colour palette helps tie all those elements together and set the tone for GMI's ownable, transparent and accessible Web3 metaverse.


The GMI website showcases their latest Web3 & NFT projects. To complement the simplicity of the design, we added a small detail where the generative GMI logo changes depending how fast you scroll through the page.

We combined various elements of the identity for merchandise that the GMI team made and shared with their collaborators and partners.

Thank you

Jeremy, teMpo and the whole team at GMI. Project design with Allie Heesh. Website built by Spurwing.


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